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The Final Map of Virginia's 7th Congressional District was approved on December 28, 2021  by Virginia's Supreme Court

Citizens of Virginia's new 7th Congressional District deserve a Congressman who will:

  • Steadfastly defend our Constitutional Republic;

  • Fight relentlessly for conservative principles and values;

  • Protect our national sovereignty;

  • Defend our nation and communities against aggressors;

  • Work tirelessly to control spending and reduce debt;

  • Fight to lower the tax burden; and,

  • Protect our right to life, liberty, and equal justice.

As with any endeavor I undertake, I don't just put in the time; I roll up my sleeves, dig in and do the hard work required to get results. Join our campaign today to elect a Pro-American Statesman to serve as your voice in the United States House of Representatives.



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